Mark As Played

Ep. 21 - A Wrinkle in Time and Separating the Art from the Artist

April 3, 2018


On this episode we welcome all the hate tweets Film Twitter can muster as they protect Ava DuVernay's critical and box office disaster A WRINKLE IN TIME. This opens up a different approach to something film fans have wrangled with over, particularly over the last year, as we attempt to separate the art from the artist. Can being a fan of a particular filmmaker leave any room for the acceptance of failure? Since we are experts on the particulars of failure, but not so much this movie podcasting business, we turn to two of our favorites in this podcast genre to help illuminate the subject in WE PAID TO SEE THIS and FIX-A-FLICK. Did we mention hate tweets at the top of these stupid show notes? Well here are some links to send that and other forms of communication that aren't tweets (or hate):

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