Mark As Played

Ep. 23 - A Quiet Place/Unsane and the Hooks of Marketing Horror

April 5, 2018


In this terrifying episode, Michael Denniston, host of SOBER CINEMA is forced to confront the words coming from inside his own podcast. Thankfully, he also presents a better listening option than co-host Jario's choice, with a clip from THE NEW FLESH discussing the latest Steven Soderbergh marketing/filmmaking gimmick with his iPhone shot UNSANE. This leads us to a broader discussion about how smaller genre films like the new A QUIET PLACE must announce themselves to the marketplace in an industry hellbent on having event movies on every weekend of the year. You know what else you could do every weekend of the year? Listen to our podcast (repeatedly even! but only if you download it over and over) at the links below:

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'til the Words Run Out from the album Fair City Lights