Mark As Played

Ep. 24 - Avengers Infinity War and Contractually Obligated Spoilers

October 29, 2018

AvengersInfinityWarPROMO.jpgWe return from the dead... presumably much like a number of characters will do following the events of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. As a movie podcast on movie podcasts, we can't decide for ourselves how best to enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe when we know so much information about the plans for the characters before we even watch the film, so we rely on two other great movie podcasts to help us sort through the white noise of fandom. FILM FALLOUT ponders the outing of the plans of WESTWORLD while over on FRIENDS & FILM they wonder if Disney will steal from one of their crown jewels to aid another in the STAR WARS franchise. Both are great listens but you have to listen to us first at the links below:

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