Mark As Played

Ep. 32 - Creed 2 and Filmmaker Abandonment

December 12, 2018


Never one to abandon the podcast game (just ignore summer of 2018 for these show notes) MARK AS PLAYED is back with another episode and also back with a previous co-host. Dave Giannini of THE GRAND GESTURE returns to discuss the sequel to one of his favorite films of the last few years as CREED 2 arrives with a new director at the helm. We discuss Steven Caple Jr. entering the ROCKY mythology and if this means anything to a franchise with such a long legacy of different voices. On BATMAN ON FILM the hosts talk about how Ryan Coogler made CREED his own, distinguishing the series from Sylvester Stallone's previous work with the character. And on TWO CHUNKS AND A HUNK the discussion revolves around how an individual filmmaker navigates a cinematic universe as seen in ANT-MAN AND THE WASP... which seems to have followed a lot of things left unresolved in some AVENGERS movie. Don't leave your life unresolved. CLICK ON ALL THESE LINKS:

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