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Ep. 34 - Bohemian Rhapsody and Award Shows Can’t Save Your Favourite Film

January 10, 2019

BohemianRhapsodyPROMO.jpgIt's that most wonderful time of the year again as cinephiles across the globe turn to the Golden Globes to retroactively dictate our tastes in film for 2018. Andddddd it looks like those of you who loved BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (except for you Elsie Fisher) and GREEN BOOK were right in 2018 while every other moviegoer was a stupid asshole. The two stupid assholes on this podcast Michael Denniston and Andrew Peirce give their predictions on what to expect at the upcoming Oscars and if it even matters for the film industry. If that sounds a bit depressing let us recommend two other movie podcasts who are covering this awards season in THE BIG PICTURE and THE AWARDIST. Find all of that and more cinema cynicism at the links below:

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