Mark As Played

Ep. 35 - Ghostbusters and Haunted by Movies Past

January 17, 2019


We have a BIG announcement on this episode. Finally Jason Reitman has caught a break and will be taking over his father's legacy by continuing the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise! Meanwhile your hosts Andrew and Mike are the same stupid assholes leading the same stupid lives... by promoting better podcasts. In THE WEEKLY PLANET the girl power 2016 entry in this series is given a practical reason for its failure at the box office, while SPOILED! WITH MAC AND KATHERINE compare Rian Johnson's career path to STAR WARS creator George Lucas. And in the end we discover that it is truly the movie podcasters who are the heroes in this hunt for ghosts as we try to rid film franchises of all their baggage and trolls. For more acts of heroism click these links below:

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